The Wilderness Society meets on the 1st Tuesday of each month and is geared towards five-fold ministry leaders.

God always intended the wilderness to be a positive; however, many view this God-ordained period with negativity. The Wilderness Society exists to free five-fold ministry leaders from the yoke of selfish-ambition and performance, to call them into a deeper place of devotion and proximity with the Father, and to redeem a foundational and necessary period of time in every leader's life called 'The Wilderness.'

The wilderness can never be fully understood until it is viewed exclusively through the lens of the Father's jealousy. He is jealous for you to know and love Him in a deeper way than you and I could ever love the assignment on our lives. The assignment and all of the extras that come with it were never intended to be the source where we find fulfillment. The call on our lives should be a very natural secondary consequence of the unshakeable validation we have discovered in a place called 'secret.'

I am convinced ministry was never divinely intended to be a craft, profession or vocation. When devotion is the sole vocation of the leader, fruit in ministry becomes as natural a by-product as heat is to the flame. Don't try to produce more heat, just tend the flame and the reach of that flame will be greater than anything you could ever have dreamed of in the day where you were in ignorance asking for open doors.

Find the key and you will never again have to ask for Heaven to open the door. What is the key? The key is the key of David the beloved. Intimacy is the superior fire we must tend.

Proximity is God's only prerequisite for promotion and that is 10,000 times harder than becoming a great speaker or singer.


Join us for our next Wilderness Society meeting and we know that
you will be forever changed!

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