T3 is a men’s ministry that is part of Damon Thompson Ministries and one that is very close to Damon’s heart. We began this movement in 2008 with a desire to see the hearts of fathers turned to the sons. The mission of T3 is the restoration of men to their intended roles as spiritual leaders in their homes. We believe and teach that above any professional title, a man’s greatest calling is to be the husband and father that God intended. We believe the most powerful revival we could see in America would be the revival of God’s intention for the family. Men becoming the men God created them to be could cause this to happen more quickly than anything else we could do in ministry.

T3 meets the third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm in Batesburg, South Carolina.

In a world filled with thousands of illegitimate measures, standards and benchmarks, we need a divine interpretation of God’s intended measuring rod for success. We need heaven’s idea of how a man is measured so we can be released from the pressure that the flawed standard inevitably produces in the heart of the man endeavoring to capture the seemingly ever elusive breathe of purpose. What then is the true measure of a man? Surely the revelation must reach far beyond a career or a hobby or fanaticism concerning fading and dust gathering notions. Could we dare to hear that God is compelling us into the crucible of genuine manhood? Where is the divine sweet spot for God’s supreme masterpiece (mankind)? Eureka! We are finding it! It is far more difficult to locate because it cannot be accomplished and can only be inherited. It is simply the hardest thing we will ever do in life. It is the thing our adversary fights more than any other. It requires the humility of the yielded and conquered heart. It has been and always will be heaven’s only true measurement for a man: devotion. It is the proximity that only the love-slain heart may inherit. The singular and all satisfying pursuit inside of the dimension called time is intimacy. We only find our throne by being unwaveringly committed to the lap of the one who is eternally seated on His sovereign, unshakable throne. Yes! Yes! We are catching the first glimpses of our genuine design and our original and eternal intent: face to face, breathe to breathe, and unending communion with the beautiful one who's love never, never, never, I mean never fails. Come on men! Let us lean into the invitation and let us prophetically pick up on the rhythm that sets the heart aright. Let’s dance to the cadence his world is screaming into ours. Here we go! It's time to make history!

Join us for our next T3 meeting and we know that
you will be forever changed!

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